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Like Boulogne sur Mer, Montreuil sur Mer and its history are closely linked to the sea. Its unique location has made it a strategic location in wartime for centuries. It was fortified early on, and was a bone of contention during the reign of Henry VIII. The town was rebuilt in the 18th century and went on to play a key role in WWI, when the English took advantage of its fortifications to use it as their headquarters.

Dubbed "the Carcassonne of the North," Montreuil sur Mer is home to a number of treasures. Its walls and citadel stand guard over the surrounding valley, and its streets have preserved all their authentic medieval charm, a reminder of its bustling past. The Museum / Citadel tells the story of the town's history and hosts a wide range of cultural events.

Victor Hugo set much of his novel Les Misérables in the town, highlighting its unique charm. Its flamboyant 19th century side comes to the fore in its role as Fantine's birthplace and the scene of the clash between Jean Valjean and Javert. The town now hosts a number of shows and events related to the novel, including a spectacular sound and light show. The show delights families, bringing the book's characters to life right in the town streets.

Our hotel near Montreuil sur Mer (less than 25 minutes) is perfect to explore the history and heritage of this unique town, voted one of the most popular villages in France.

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